"We are committed to producing the finest quality extra virgin olive oil in our mill with our estate grown Tunisian olives. Purity at it's finest."


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  • Purity

    Our unwavering commitment to purity is evident in everything we do. From the extended distance we planted our trees to the way we hand pick the olives to first cold press we bottle immediately. 

  • Fairness

    From our fields to our shelves, fairness drives us forward. We are a woman-owned business and many of our key people are women. We promote from within and we look at every aspect of our business through the lens of fairness, including our accessible pricing for even the most premium of our products.

  • Integrity

    Integrity creates balance, especially in an organic environment and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Treating the land with respect, the fruit with utmost care, the product with pride and the people, including the customers, with honesty and love isn’t just to feel good, it is essential. 

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    Our olive oils are born from a passion for olive growing, the art of making olive oil, the joy of celebrating with friends and family & a deep love of the land of Tunisia.

The Sundries Collection

Introducing our exquisite Sundries and Such Collection – a selection of classic French-inspired flavorful condiments, snacks, and sundries meticulously curated to complement our commitment to production integrity and uncompromising quality.

Hella Talks to David Neuman, "The EVOO GUY" with the The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable Project about 1938 EVOO

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Conversation Highlights

9:13 Traditional Low-Density Farming.

11:00 All EVOOs are not the same.

11:49 Level of values that are in the "signature of taste."

14:07 Oil Tasting: David shares tasting each Red and Green Label.

20:00 Logical to Buy the Pair

21:50 1938 is honored to be selected to be in the MDR EVOO Library of 10 best oils.

24:00 The importance of Polyphenols.

26:00 Daily consumption recommendations.

EVOOGUY.com, David Neuman

Mediterranean Diet Roundtable


Meet Hella Akrout, the visionary CEO of Amore Trade and HB Mills, two prominent importing companies and founder of 1938 EVOO. Hella's passion for extra virgin olive oil was ingrained in her from an early age, as she grew up surrounded by the rich aroma and taste of the olive oil produced by her beloved grandfather.

Hella's childhood was filled with memories of her grandfather's olive groves in Tunisia, where the ancient tradition of olive oil production was passed down through generations. Those experiences laid the foundation for her deep appreciation of the quality and significance of pure extra virgin olive oil.

As she matured into an adult, Hella embarked on a mission to share the exquisite flavor and unparalleled quality of Tunisian extra virgin olive oil with the world. She firmly believes that Tunisia holds an exceptional treasure within its olive groves, one that has remained hidden for far too long. Now is the time to unveil this hidden gem to the global market.

Through her companies, Amore Trade and HB Mills, Hella strives to bring the finest Tunisian extra virgin olive oil to discerning consumers around the globe. Her commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and ethical sourcing sets her apart in the industry. With a meticulous approach to selecting only the highest-quality olives and employing modern, eco-friendly production methods, Hella ensures that every bottle of 1938 EVOO and Go Natural EVOO captures the essence of Tunisia's olive-growing legacy.

Hella's dedication to promoting the rich heritage and delectable taste of pure extra virgin olive oil has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim. Her journey is not just a business venture; it is a heartfelt endeavor to preserve tradition and introduce the world to the unparalleled flavors of Tunisia.

Join us in exploring the golden elixir cherished by generations of Tunisians, as Hella Akrout invites you to embark on a journey of discovery through the wonders of 1938 EVOO. Unleash your taste buds and elevate your culinary experiences with the genuine and exquisite extra virgin olive oil from Tunisia.