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1938 Organic EVOO Green Label - Robust & Full Body

1938 Organic EVOO Green Label - Robust & Full Body

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1938 EVOO Green Label is of robust intensity with a spicy taste.

Early harvest, Cold-pressed, First pressing, Single source, 100% organic Chetoui olives

This beautiful extra virgin olive oil is from Tunisian olives that are handpicked at the beginning of the harvest and artisanal produced to give you the maximum quality. We handpick our 100% organic olives, cold press them in our mills, bottle the EVOO, and ship it immediately to the States.

Try 1938 EVOO Green Label and see how it will elevate your food's taste. It's definitely a game changer on salads, meats, fruits, and grilled and roasted vegetables. Use it in your favorite recipes like hummus, Baba Ganoush, mayo, aiolis, and classic vinaigrettes. It’s also perfect for dipping bread with Parmesan or hot sauce, and much more.  

Tunisia’s arid environment and nutrient-rich North-African soil create one of the best ecosystems for olive trees to flourish. Tunisia is the largest exporter of organic olive oil in the world. The Tunisian government enforces the strictest quality export laws mandating EVOO standards, including no traces of pesticides or phthalates. Every batch of 1938 EVOO Green Label passes these rigorous standards before being exported.

1938 Organic EVOO Green Label is certified USDA Organic. It is also Gluten Free, Sodium Free, and Cholesterol Free.  

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