Hella Akrout

CEO & EVOOpreneur

Rencontrez Hella Akrout, PDG visionnaire d'Amore Trade et HB Mills, deux sociétés d'importation de premier plan et fondatrice de 1938 EVOO. La passion de Hella pour l'huile d'olive extra vierge s'est ancrée en elle dès son plus jeune âge, alors qu'elle grandissait entourée par la richesse de l'arôme et du goût de l'huile d'olive produite par son grand-père bien-aimé. En savoir plus sur Hella ci-dessous...

Marc Günther

EVOOtor of Sales and Marketing

Au cœur de notre passion pour l'huile d'olive extra vierge exceptionnelle se trouve Mark Guenther, directeur des ventes et du marketing pour Amore Trade et EVOOGOLD.com . En savoir plus sur Mark ci-dessous...


Social Media Olive

Born in the golden groves of Tunisia, Oliver the olive, not unlike other olives, sprouted on a branch surrounded by his beolived brothers and sisters. However, Oliver was destined for a different fate. Read More About Oliver Below...

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Hella's childhood was filled with memories of her grandfather's olive groves in Tunisia, where the ancient tradition of olive oil production was passed down through generations. Those experiences laid the foundation for her deep appreciation of the quality and significance of pure extra virgin olive oil.

As she matured into an adult, Hella embarked on a mission to share the exquisite flavor and unparalleled quality of Tunisian extra virgin olive oil with the world. She firmly believes that Tunisia holds an exceptional treasure within its olive groves, one that has remained hidden for far too long. Now is the time to unveil this hidden gem to the global market.

Through her companies, Amore Trade and HB Mills, Hella strives to bring the finest Tunisian extra virgin olive oil to discerning consumers around the globe. Her commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and ethical sourcing sets her apart in the industry. With a meticulous approach to selecting only the highest-quality olives and employing modern, eco-friendly production methods, Hella ensures that every bottle of 1938 EVOO and Go Natural EVOO captures the essence of Tunisia's olive-growing legacy.

Hella's dedication to promoting the rich heritage and delectable taste of pure extra virgin olive oil has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim. Her journey is not just a business venture; it is a heartfelt endeavor to preserve tradition and introduce the world to the unparalleled flavors of Tunisia.

Join us in exploring the golden elixir cherished by generations of Tunisians, as Hella Akrout invites you to embark on a journey of discovery through the wonders of 1938 EVOO. Unleash your taste buds and elevate your culinary experiences with the genuine and exquisite extra virgin olive oil from Tunisia.

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Mark's journey in the world of sales started at a young age, where his entrepreneurial spirit ignited at just 8 years old, selling Christmas cards door-to-door. This early taste for commerce combined with his passion for cooking paved the way for his lifelong love of sales, which he honed further when he took a cake decorating course at the age of 11 and realized he could also sell beautifully decorated birthday cakes.

With over two decades of experience in professional sales, Mark Guenther has become a seasoned Sales and Marketing Executive with the confidence and ability to thrive in any industry. His achievements speak volumes about his dedication and prowess in building successful business relationships and driving revenue generation. Notably, Mark has transformed underperforming markets and his remarkable skills consistently led him to exceed KPIs, sales goals, and quotas.

Throughout his career, Mark has excelled in various roles. In each position, he showcased his exceptional talents in relationship building, sales forecasting, and social media campaigns. Mark has utilized his expertise to source and build strong sales pipelines, manage and implement sales funnels and to maximize various selling channels to achieve, retain and grow the businesses he has been a part of. 

At Evoogold.com, we are proud to have Mark Guenther leading our sales and marketing and social media efforts. His passion for exceptional food and dedication to providing the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the driving force behind our success. We invite you to explore our selection of premium olive oil products, knowing that every drop is, at least in part, due as a result of Mark's remarkable expertise and passion for the culinary arts.

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Unlike the other olives, he radiated a sunnier disposition and grew bigger and faster. He strangely developed not just hands and feet, but also a witty personality.

When harvest time arrived, Oliver felt an urge to break free. With no plan, no place to stay, and no funds, he embarked on a journey. Determined to make a living, he landed a job at EVOO GOLD, starting in the mailroom. However, his height posed a challenge, and the mailroom wasn't the right fit.

Oliver's breakthrough came when he discovered his knack for social media. Transforming into a mad genius, he conceived the EVOO GOLD.com Olive Oil Challenge. This innovative idea not only changed the game for EVOO GOLD but also touched the lives of creators and their followers, offering a fresh perspective and a new lease on life. Oliver's journey from a humble olive branch to the creator of a social media sensation embodies the spirit of transformation and innovation.