Notre histoire...

Bienvenue sur, où l'amour pour les olives, la terre et l'art de la fabrication de l'huile d'olive s'entremêlent pour vous offrir la meilleure huile d'olive extra vierge tunisienne. Notre histoire est celle d'une tradition, d'un engagement et d'une passion qui motive chaque décision que nous prenons.

Notre voyage a commencé en 1938 lorsque Ameur Bouricha, un visionnaire et membre fondateur de l'Association de l'huile d'olive de la région tunisienne de Sfax, a créé HB Mills (Huileries Bouricha & Fils). Le dévouement d'Ameur à l'huile d'olive et son expertise dans la dégustation et la production d'olives ont été transmis de génération en génération, nourrissant un héritage familial qui s'étalera sur des décennies.

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Today, in the hands of the third generation of the Bouricha family, our commitment to producing the purest and most exquisite olive oil remains steadfast. With a focus on maintaining exemplary high standards, we have invested in cutting-edge machines for our production facilities in Sfax, located in the southern region of Tunisia. Additionally, we have expanded our horizons, creating a new production unit in the North to access a wider variety of olives and broaden our product range.

Under the banner of SOCAB, both of our production units are driven by a shared purpose – to craft the highest quality olive oil possible. The olives we use are sourced exclusively from Tunisia, a land known for its rich history of olive cultivation and impeccable olives. We take pride in the fact that each olive is lovingly hand-picked straight from the tree, ensuring that only the finest fruits make their way into our exceptional olive oil.

Our artisanal approach to olive oil-making is as pure as the product we create. We employ the age-old technique of cold-pressing the olives, refusing to use heat or chemicals during the extraction process. The result? A pristine olive oil that preserves the natural flavors and health benefits locked within the fruit.

At, we stand firmly behind the notion that great olive oil is like fine art – unfiltered and genuine. Our olive oil is left unfiltered, allowing any fruit sediments to gracefully settle at the bottom of the bottle, just as nature intended. The outcome is nothing short of extraordinary – 100% olive juice that exemplifies the highest quality, embodying the essence of the Bouricha family's values and tradition.

We invite you to savor the passion and dedication we pour into every drop of our Tunisian extra virgin olive oil. With each taste, you're not just savoring the fruit of our labor; you're experiencing the culmination of a generational love affair with olives and the land. Join us on this flavorful journey, and discover why 1938 EVOO is more than just oil – it's a true labor of love.