Exploring Tunis: A Journey of Business and Pleasure

Exploring Tunis: A Journey of Business and Pleasure

Exploring Tunis: A Journey of Business and Pleasure

Join us in retracing the steps of our fearless CEO & EVOOPRENEUR, Hella Akrout, as she embarked on a remarkable trip to Tunis at the beginning of August. The purpose? A unique blend of business dealings, olive oil expertise, and the joy of leisure travel. Hella's Tunisian adventure seamlessly intertwined moments of industry authority and cherished leisure experiences, leaving us inspired and eager to share her journey.

Hella's schedule was a whirlwind of activity, reflecting her multifaceted role as a global business leader. Amidst the captivating sights and sounds of Tunis, she deftly navigated critical business meetings with potential suppliers, showcasing her prowess as an expert in exporting. Her insights were sought after and valued, underscoring her authority in the world of extra virgin olive oil.

But it wasn't all business for Hella. She savored leisure moments that captured the essence of Tunisian hospitality and culture. From sipping her favorite Tunisian tea to enjoying sumptuous meals with family and friends, Hella effortlessly balanced work and relaxation. A stroll along the beach, laughter-filled gatherings, and the exploration of vibrant boutiques and charming restaurants added a touch of leisurely delight to her journey.

Venturing into the heart of Tunisian traditions, Hella visited a mill of a new partner, witnessing the unchanged artistry behind the olive oil production process. Her connection to the land and its heritage was palpable as she set foot in the groves, envisioning a future where enthusiasts could handpick olives for a new harvest. And with Tunisian comedian Sameh by her side, Hella engaged in conversations that resonated with the spirit of Tunisia, forging connections beyond borders.

Hella's trip also laid the groundwork for an exciting future endeavor – a food lovers' travel trip to Tunisia in the fall. As she explored the bustling Medina, enjoyed rooftop vistas, and encountered the treasures of Sidi Bou Said, the essence of Tunisia's rich culture and culinary heritage seeped into her very being. Her experiences were a testament to her commitment to sharing these delights with fellow enthusiasts, planting the seed of anticipation for an unforgettable travel experience.


Pastry Shop in Tunis, Tunisia

EVOO Mill in TunisiaBeautiful Entryway in Tunisia

In the heart of Tunis, Hella's journey unfolded, a tapestry woven with threads of business acumen and cherished leisure moments. Her expertise in exporting and her passion for extra virgin olive oil were on full display, leaving an indelible mark on all who followed her adventures. As we await the dawn of a new chapter with the upcoming food lovers' trip, Hella's journey beckons us to embrace the world of EVOO and embark on a voyage where business, pleasure, and discovery converge.

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