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Go Natural Organic EVOO 3L

Go Natural Organic EVOO 3L

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Introducing a larger size of our beloved Go Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, specially tailored for home cooks who have been asking for more of this culinary magic. This new size is identical to the one trusted by chefs, ensuring you have ample supply for all your cooking adventures. Go Natural EVOO, crafted from 100% Chamlali olives meticulously handpicked from Tunisia's orchards, remains the epitome of quality and taste. With its medium intensity, smoothness, and subtle spice, this EVOO transforms every dish it touches. Just like its smaller counterpart, it's the embodiment of freshly harvested olives, cold-pressed to preserve their authentic essence. Embrace this opportunity to take your culinary creations to new heights with the larger size of Go Natural EVOO – a true testament to excellence in every drop.

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